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The goal of any athlete is to optimize their performance. The goal of all sports medicine physicians is to minimize risk of injury. By preparing the athlete's body for the mechanical and metabolic demands inherent in a particular sport, sport-specific conditioning programs can help achieve both these goals. Periodization of the conditioning program is the ideal framework for keeping the individual athlete's workload as high as possible, without overtraining and injury.

This course provides an introduction to the principles behind a specific strength and conditioning program and the role that a sports trainer plays in a safe and effective exercise program. This course has both theory and practical components.

Sports Specific Conditioning is an athlete-targeted private practice, leading the market in sports specific strength and conditioning as well as athlete development services. Reset offers athlete services for a range of abilities and levels of performance. Innovate incorporates functional testing, movement screening, athlete conditioning and training load management to provide a holistic approach and a service that is individually suited to promoting enhanced athletic development and a transferal effect, for improved sports performance.

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