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Spa Cuisine

Healthy eating should always be about enjoying everything in a balanced manner. Sante believes, that when you use good ingredients to make your food you will have a great meal. One can experience SPA CUISINE- created using the freshest, wholesome, natural, organic and healthy ingredients- with our knowledge of combining these in the most simplistic manner to satiate your cravings.

Sante gives an “Honestly Healthy Makeover” to your daily food habits. It procures the freshest and wherever possible, organic ingredients, greens and micro-greens from the best of farms and local businesses around. The café at Reset also uses a lot of unrefined, non-white produce to get you the earthy flavours which are authentic to our roots. Relax and indulge your senses in guilt free dining. A Votre Sante!

The spa cuisine menu comprises of freshly made salads, wholesome smoothies, cold-pressed juices, wide variety of starters and entrees. The juices are mostly detox, chlorophyll-rich, energizing and refreshing. There are appetizers, ragi base pizzas and a variety of balanced morsels which have an option of vegan, gluten-free, amino-rich, protein-rich and high fiber.

The cafe also has different types of shakes made with soya, almond, coconut and fresh A2 milk. There are guilt-free desserts made of natural sweeteners like organic honey, jaggery and stevia. The menu is curated to suit the food palate for all age groups.