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Physiotherapy at Reset is aimed to provide you with the education, guidance and the right tools to help achieve your fitness goals. The Physiotherapy department is headed by Doctors who holds international Masters /Bachelor’s Degree in physiotherapy, with specialization in Musculoskeletal and Sports physiotherapy. Our Reset team of physiotherapists has worked with the highest level of athletes in the various sports from cricket, Tennis, football, gymnastics, Iron man endurance athletes and Olympic weightlifting, providing the high level of physiotherapy care. The team holds right passion, knowledge and experience to cater to fitness needs to clients at ResetIf you are tired of your belly fat, and you are lazy about going to the gym, we have a solution for you. You can lose your weight and fats in just no time while dancing on your favorite music tracks and getting slimmer day by day. People who love to lose their weight can give it a try themselves by dancing and taking some aerobic classes or maybe by yoga. Exercising is a good way of reducing fat, but the fact is as you stop exercising you’ll start gaining weight. According to respected Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, M.d, through dancing a person can burn 300 calories per hour. While indulging in belly dancing, you must follow a simple and a healthy diet. Therefore , this can be a solution for the people who are lazy to follow any dietary plans or exercising and will help them in reducing their weight.

People who are willing to reduce their fat stomach and unwanted fats can now easily cut them by indulging in belly dancing. They don’t need to follow any of the techniques, and they don’t have to face any boredom as they can enjoy dancing on their favorite music tracks. Belly dancing is not only a form of dance it is like an exercise which can help you burn your calories around 200-350 in a day. All you should do is to keep yourself motivated towards belly dance and enjoy a healthy diet with fewer calories consumed. You should do these exercising and get back in shape.

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